ECTS Catalogue

Master's Thesis Seminar

Pedagogue: dr hab. Bogna Łakomska

Field Description
type of classes Seminar;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

In order to complete third semester a student must write part of her/his paper that meets the criteria.

subject description

- Objective cognitive: analysis and interpretation of selected issues based on the methodology in the given direction

- Purpose of educating: proper selection and use of literature, skilful assessment of the credibility of sources and information used in the work, skillful design, troubleshooting and modifying existing problems / solutions

- Practical purpose: the desire to expand knowledge through self-searching, ability to build long utterance, ability to organise work and taking responsibility for the implementation of its own projects

short subject description

The aim of the course is to prepare the student for theoretical thesis writing, which in most cases is related to the topic of the practical diploma. Classes relate to mastering the art of work writing, skillful building of the problem and the analysis of the selected literature within the topic.

form of classes

Seminar, individual meetings, lecture with ppt. presentation

subject area coverage

-Presentation of the features of the properly constructed paper and its methodology
-Discussion on proper recognition of the problem
-Personal student presentations (ppt presentations, lectures)
-Corrections, individual consultations

evaluation form credit with grading;

W zależności od indywidualnych potrzeb studenta i poruszanej przez niego tematyki. Z reguły student indywidualnie zbiera bibliografię do swojej pracy, prowadzący poprzez konsultacje analizuje z nim/nią wybór i krytycznie ocenia.


Literatura zalecana:

D’ Alleva A., Metody i teorie historii sztuki, tł. E. i J. Jedlińscy, Kraków 2008

D’ Alleva A., Jak studiować historię sztuki?

Arnheim R., Sztuka i percepcja wzrokowa, Gdańsk 2004

Bätschmann O., Historia sztuki na przejściu od ikonologii do hermeneutyki, „Artium Questiones”, 3 (1986).

Białostocki J. (ed.), Pojęcia, problemy, metody współczesnej nauki o sztuce, Warszawa 1976

Bryl M., Suwerenność dyscypliny, Poznań 2009

Kalinowski L., Max Dvorak i jego metoda badań nad sztuka, Warszawa 1974

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs lack of data
entry requirements
formal requirements

Passed previous semester 

preliminary assumptions

Broadened scope of art history knowledge, culture and philosophy in terms of Master degree

learning outcomes
social competences

Student is aware of his/her level of knowledge and skills, understands the need for continuous personal and professional training

K_K01 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student is convinced of the value of taken action and animating dissemination of culture and art in a social environment and he/she understands own professional responsibility in this regard

K_K02 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student builds independently concepts and undertakes artistic and animation activities based on the integration of knowledge from different disciplines and experience of psychological mechanisms

K_K03 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student independently explores the knowledge and develop his/her professional skills from various sources and new technologies

K_U02 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student achieves high skill level of precision and constructive expression in speech, writing and the use of modern information technologies and channels, on analysis, criticism and interpretation issues in the field of culture and art

K_U05 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student has a deep knowledge covering the methodology and terminology used in the sciences of art, culture and philosophy, which can be used in amateur and creative activities

K_W01 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Student has a thorough knowledge on the role of different disciplines related to arts education in shaping the world of culture and civilization - especially knowledge on art and humanities, including philosophy of culture and aesthetics

K_W02 (Zgodnie z KRK MINoS)

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Painting s.10 r 15 10 Seminar 15h
Seminar [Z st.]

Semester 2018/19-SS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.10153