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Bachelor's Thesis Seminar

Pedagogue: dr Zbigniew Brzostowski

Field Description
type of classes Seminar;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification lack of data
subject description lack of data
short subject description lack of data
form of classes lack of data
subject area coverage lack of data
evaluation form lack of data
literature lack of data
placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs lack of data
entry requirements
formal requirements lack of data
preliminary assumptions lack of data
learning outcomes
social competences
lack of data
lack of data
lack of data

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Fine Arts Education / Cultural Animation s.5 r 30 8 Seminar 30h
Seminar [Z st.]

Semester 2018/19-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.11749