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Mural painting and stained glass

Pedagogue: prof. dr hab. Jacek Zdybel

Field Description
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type of classes pracownia specjalizacji i specjalności;
course language Polish; English;
method of learning outcomes verification

Exam with grade.

subject description

Mural painting and stained Glass workshop is one of the artistic specialisations. Learning in the Studio takes 5 semesters and ends with the preparation of the thesis or an annex to the diploma. Education is based on practice (realization of projects or its elements in one of chosen techniques). The complexity of works increase with the acquired knowledge about technologies. The program takes into account individual predisposition of students and their characters. During 3rd and 4th year of studies, students have the opportunity to choose their own artistic way. That’s why, studio offers various artistic forms of mural painting and stained glass. Process of realization is preceded by lectures about existing projects – historical and technological analysis. Students are preparing their projects during consultations with module leaders (corrections).
Students are obligated to prepare and realize projects and in frames of team works, Teacher will choose the best project. Student may receive longer time to finalize his task but it depends on chosen technique of mural painting. During summer months, artistic plain-airs are organized (tasks outside of school). The possibilities of realization of tasks are dependent on external offers and their artistic value in whole process of education.
5th year students are treated individually.
Students are obligated to specify the topic and technique of realization based on their own experience and then finalize their art work.

short subject description

Course is mainly based on practical activities connected with technologies and techniques of mural painting and stained glass.
New elements are added during course, to give students the possibility to be independent in their artistic expression and to get into social conditions.
Graduate students are going to be provided with feeling of freedom in their artistic works, both created by themselves as well as to respond to the external needs. The objective is to build their own language of artistic expression and conscious of its use.

form of classes

Realization of projects on proper artistic and technical level in the form of design charts with technological and ideological description. Realization of partial or full project with chosen technique.

subject area coverage

Issues connected with knowledge about artistic techniques and technologies. Copy of existing artpiece. Addition of individual elements, which are not going to change style of original work. Artistic work interpretation : Literature, art or specific object in one of the artistic techniques. Realization of individual projects and complex projects consisting of several works, forming one artistic expression. Projects preparation and implementation on the assigned topic (the answer to the request of the investor) in a completely authorial way. Description of idea and technology , technological trial – part of work in specified technology. Team work.

evaluation form credit with grading;

M. Rzepińska „Historia koloru”
Hans Belting „Antropologia obrazu. Szkice do nauki o obrazie”
D. Hornung „Kolor”
E.H. Gombrich „Pisma o sztuce i kulturze”
John Gage „Kolor i kultura”
Cennino Cennini „Rzecz o malarstwie”
Max Doerner „Materiały malarskie i ich zastosowanie”
Władysław Ślesiński „Techniki malarskie, spoiwa mineralne”; „Malarstwo sztalugowe i ścienne”
Jan Hopliński „Farby i spoiwa malarskie”
Tomasz Sikorski, Marcin Rutkiewicz, „Graffiti w Polsce 1940-2010”
M.J. Żychnowska „Współczesne witraże polskie”
dwumiesięcznik „Barwy szkła”
Historia sztuki- dzieła polskich i światowych twórców witrażu.
„Techniki wielkich mistrzów malarstwa” praca zbiorowa

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs


entry requirements
formal requirements

3rd year student, after 5th semester.

preliminary assumptions

1st semester of mural painting and stained glass is successfully completed.

learning outcomes
social competences
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lack of data
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Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Doctoral Studies in the area of Visual Arts s.2 (en)d 30 1 Exercises 30h
Exercises [Z st.]

Semester 2018/19-SS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.11855