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Pedagogue: prof. Marek Grzybiak

Field Description
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type of classes Lectures;
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subject description

The cognitive aim is to broad the knowledge of human anatomy with particular emphasis on those anatomical structures that have a significant impact on his artistic visuals.
The scope of material includes general and specific aspects.

Expected effect in scope of skills is aware use of gained knowledge in practical, drawn part of the subject (aspects, which are discussed in lectures in Cathedral of Anatomy of Medical University of Gdańsk are the basis for practice in Workshop of Anatomical Drawing in ASP, students are working on realistic drawing tasks, which have to comply with the workshop conditions), during carrying out with tasks in artistic workshops in Academy and in students artistic future.

short subject description

The subject of artistic anatomy and anatomical drawing exercises is a description and knowledge of human body in the context of its external and internal build [especially skeleton and muscles], shape and proportion. The interest is focused on those anatomical structures, which significantly affects the shape of human body and are the basis of its form in repose position as well as in different stages of motion. The lectures also includes the knowledge of physical anthropology and is tailored to the specific of the field of study with an emphasis on issues of human anatomy in scope which is indispensable for the painter's artistic future. Practical classes are filling up theoretical lectures.

form of classes

Subject is realized by lectures and practice studio. Lectures are leaded in cathedral of anatomy of Gdańsk Medical University.
It gives the opportunity for lecturer and students to use proper didactic aids as skeleton models and dissecting preparations.
Some of the problems connected with anatomy are solved by students drawings with use of above-mentioned, sometimes unique didactic material.
The topics covered in the lectures are the basis for classes conducted in the studio of Anatomical Drawing of Academy. Students are preparing realistic drawing studios with all requirements of workshop.

subject area coverage

General issues: plan of human body build, body parts, marking planes and directions in space, symmetry and asymmetry of the body, body proportions and its changes in the process of growth, sexual dimorphism, morphological differences related to individual age, constitutional types, racial diversity of the human species.
Detailed issues: skeleton structure as a whole and its component parts, shape of bones, the structure of their connections in in various positions and in different stages of motion; more important superficial lying muscles and their participation in the movements of human body; structure of skin and its shape in various parts of the body, the skin - products of the breast gland, hairs, nails; topography of the major, skin veins; detailed anatomy of head including the anthropological observations on sight organ, the outer part of nose external ear.
Drawing: I: contrapost in front with entry of hips bones, scale 1:1 pencil techniques, II: contrapost from back with entry of bones of the shoulder girdle with change of angle of the shoulder-blade, scale 1:1 pencil techniques, III: sketches of figure in various positions – called 15-minutes task, IV: figure study in exersising position with entry of skeleton parts, V-VI: figure study in position of the crucifixion with entry of skeleton and muscles elements, VII: figure study with a particular focus on its head with entry of scalp and face muscles.

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available literature and anatomical atlases

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preliminary assumptions

Podstawowa wiedza na poziomie szkoły średniej dotycząca biologii człowieka w tym także anatomii.

learning outcomes
social competences

Gaining a knowledge about human in terms of his physicality and his place in the animal kingdom.


The practical use of gained skills, in various forms, regardless of the final orientation of artist interests.


Widening and strengthening of the knowledge of human anatomy with a focus on issues related to “artistic anatomy”

Studies List

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Sculpture s.1 r 30 2 L 30h
L [E]
L [Z]

Semester 2019/20-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.11874