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Medallic art and small sculptural forms

Pedagogue: prof. dr hab. Ludmiła Ostrogórska
Assistant(s): mgr Marek Elsner

Field Description
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type of classes artistic workshop;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

The final grade depends on: completing all pieces assigned in the semester on proper artistic and technical level, based on an individual project, consulted and accepted by the teacher.

subject description

• A student is able to create artistic pieces on high level of originality based on his/her knowledge concerning styles in art and creative traditions
• A student is prepared for ma king his/her own independent decisions about designing and completing pieces in the field of medallic art. and small sculpture with the use of appropriate techniques and technologies.

short subject description

The studio’s programme involves issues and elements of traditional and modern/contemporary medallic art and small sculpture; prepares students to begin their own creative path. The objectives are: issues concerning plaquettes, double-sided medallic pieces, small sculpture and their variations.

form of classes

After formulating tasks issued for the semester: 1st stage involves presenting ideas – designs to the teacher followed by discussion, choosing the most interesting solution and searching for the most suitable form of realization, finally – completing the piece using adequate technique.

subject area coverage

The scope of issues taken up within the course is focused on students’ artistic development and their technical skills advancement (from traditional medal with a portrait to creative medal and small spatial form.

evaluation form credit with grading;

M. Porębski „ Sztuka a informacja”, Kraków; WL, 1986,
P. Francastel „Sztuka a technika w XIX i XX wieku”, PWN Warszawa 1966,
A. W. Florow „ Artystyczna obróbka metali” PWN Warszawa 1989,
R. Hughers „The colouring, bronzing, and patination of metals” English 1991

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs lack of data
entry requirements
formal requirements

passed course – Technology of Metals - 60h/II year of study

preliminary assumptions

In order to fulfill the Medallic Art and Small Sculpture studio’s programme it is essential for a student to possess basic technical skills. A conscious choice of this specialization allows students to develop and form their individual artistic expression in this field

learning outcomes
social competences

rozumie potrzebę uczenia się przez całe życie, potrafi uzupełniać i doskonalić nabytą wiedzę i umiejętności AJA_K01 (odpowiednik A2_K01, A2_K02)


is able to effectively use his/her imagination, intuition, emotionality, creative thinking and creative work while dealing with artistic problems/tasks


posiada umiejętność efektywnego komunikowania się i pracy zespołowej w ramach wspólnych projektów i działań artystycznych AJA_K04 (odpowiednik A2_K05)


possesses developed skills permitting him/her to create, make and express his/her own artistic concepts


is able to fulfill his/her own artistic concepts using artistic tools and technical skills in the field of sculpture and related specialities


possesses the skill of preparing written essays and oral presentations, which refer to specific issues concerning sculpture, adapting basic theoretical perspectives as well as various sources of information


possesses the skill of unconstrained use of imagination, intuition and emotionality and the knowledge about artistic creation basics which enables liberty and independence of one’s artistic expression


is in possession of detailed knowledge concerning specific areas of art and science necessary to formulate and solve complex issues in the field of sculpture, as well as the knowledge about means of expression, and technical skills in all related artistic disciplines adequate for his/her field of study


Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Sculpture s.5 (en)d 120 6 Art. workshop 120h
Art. workshop [Z st.]

Semester 2019/20-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.11923