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Foreign language course B2+

Pedagogue: Oxford Language Centre Szkoła języków obcych

Field Description
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type of classes lektorat;
course language English;
method of learning outcomes verification

Assessment of students’ participation in classes, tests on vocabulary and grammar structures and a final test.

subject description

• Cognitive aim: A student improves on all basic language skills, such as listening, reading, speaking and writing and can describe issues in the field of arts, art history and graphic art.

A student shows knowledge of art styles and their artistic traditions and knows connections and relations between theoretical and practical elements related to graphic art.


• Educational aim: A student develops the skill of practical usage of general English and specialized English in the field of arts and graphic art and can use it in work environment or in the further course of study.

A student is prepared for cooperating and working with other people in the framework of team work and has the ability of preparing typical pieces of writing and oral presentations on detailed issues in the field of arts and uses basic theoretical conceptualizations and other sources.


• Practical aim: A student can formulate opinions, create oral utterances and participate in discussions actively.

A student understands the need of lifelong learning and has the ability of self-assessment, constructive criticism towards actions of others, reflection on social, scientific and ethical aspects related to his/her own work.

short subject description

Classes aim at preparation of students for taking an examination at B2+ level in general English/Spanish and specialized English/Spanish in the field of arts and graphic art. A student masters language correctness and can use learned skills in everyday communication situations in a foreign language and formulates sentences specialized in the field of arts in his/her work environment or in the further course of study.

form of classes

Foreign language course – laboratory, conversation classes, discussions, text analysis, team work, individual work

subject area coverage

Semester VII – classes developing all language skills and covering vocabulary related to arts, cinema, the media and graphic art. Regularizing knowledge of grammatical tenses and modal verbs. A phrase have something done, infinitives and a verb form, conditional sentences. Speaking in the framework of making conjectures, formulating concise utterances and topical discussion. Writing reports. Skimming and scanning. A semester ends with a test on all language skills development.

evaluation form credit with grading;

Christina Latham-Koenig and Clive Oxenden: English File Advanced, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, 2015

Career Paths, Art & Design, Express Publishing

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

Not appplicable

entry requirements
formal requirements

English language command at B1/B2 level confirmed by entry test results assessing student’s knowledge

preliminary assumptions

A student understands standard utterances on concrete and abstract subjects, can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity in majority of communication situations, including those related to his/her professional environment or the subject of study.

learning outcomes
social competences

EU_01 Nabyta wiedza oraz doświadczenie umożliwiają ciągłe poszerzanie umiejętności językowych.


EU_02 Potrafi komunikować się w języku obcym na tematy specjalistyczne związane z obszarem malarstwa ze zróżnicowanymi kręgami odbiorców


EU_03 Zna język obcy na poziomie B2+ Europejskiego Systemu Opisu Kształcenia Językowego oraz specjalistyczną terminologię


Ma wiedzę ogólną z języka obcego tworzącą podstawy teoretyczne związane z obszarem malarstwa


Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Painting / Technology of Public Art s.8 r 30 2 lektorat 30h
lektorat [E]
lektorat [Z]

Semester 2019/20-SS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.13579