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Selected Issues of Drawing

Pedagogue: prof. dr hab. Janina Rudnicka

Field Description
karta przedmiotu (pdf/doc/odt) lack of data
type of classes Exercises;
course language Polish; English;
method of learning outcomes verification

A student obtains a passing grade on the basis of prepared presentation of his/her works and partial grades gathered within the evaluated semester. Partial grades are given for each task completion and the semester work overview. Basic grading criteria are: progress made within the evaluated period, student’s involvement in the subject.

subject description
  • Cognitive objectives: Gaining knowledge about the use of different techniques supportive to traditional drawing techniques
  • Educative objectives: Having the possibility to use various drawing tools a student understands drawing not only as a method of reproducing reality but a mean of artistic expression that can trigger imaginative spheres and produce various interpretations; searching for one’s individual creative form of expression
  • Pragmatic objectives: Understanding rules of teamwork; learning to share the common space of a studio
short subject description

The purpose of all issues and tasks taken up during class is to develop students’ drawing skills, widen their artistic consciousness and gradually move them from the area of interpreting nature in the direction of perceiving drawing as a discipline of self-creation and autonomic artistic expression.

form of classes

Students develop their drawing skills through completing thematic assignments with the use of chosen and developed means. The principal of treating each student as an individual is the basic strategy of working in our studio. Analyzing each student’s possibilities individually, discovering the scope of his/her sensitivity, searching for didactic methods to serve him/her with advice and help is the teacher’s task.

subject area coverage

Thematic exercises, issues interpretation, drawing based on human body - act observation, still life. Students develop their drawing skills basing on nature observation – human act/ still life, treating this as an indispensable stage within the process of their artistic development and as a base for their technical abilities. Simultaneously with the work at the studio there are thematic assignments given. These enable students to search for the language of their individual artistic expression.

evaluation form credit with grading;

- Pignatti Terisio, Historia rysunku od Altamiry do Picassa, Arkady, rok 2000

A student should be interested in literature from the area of contemporary art as well as its history.

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

does not concern

entry requirements
formal requirements

Drawing Basics course passed.

preliminary assumptions

A student is in possession of basic skills: depicting and constructing an object observed in nature (act, portrait, still life, landscape)

learning outcomes
social competences

K_K01 /A2_K01/, understands the need of lifelong learning,

K_K02 /A2_K02/ individually undertakes certain actions demonstrating the ability to select, analyze and interpret information, developing ideas and formulating critical argumentation, represents inner motivation and the ability to effectively organize work,

K1_K01, K1_K02 /odpowiedniki A2_K01, A2_K02?

K_U01 / A2_U14 / is able to formulate and complete his/her own artistic concepts being in possession of skills necessary for expressing these concepts

K_U03 / A2_U16 / can purposefully use adequate techniques and Technologies while completing an intermedia project/piece

K1_U01, K1_U03 /Odpowiedniki A2_U14, A2_U16 /

K2_W01 /A1_W10/  is in possession of basic knowledge concerning realization of artistic pieces in the field of intermedia art disciplines as well as basic knowledge about means of expression, and technical skills in related artistic disciplines

K1_W01 /odpowiednik A1_W10 /

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Intermedia / Photography s.3 r 45 2 Exercises 45h
Exercises [Z st.]

Semester 2019/20-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.13955