ECTS Catalogue

Basics of architecture design

Pedagogue: prof. ASP dr hab. Maciej Świtała
Assistant(s): mgr Marta Koniczuk

Field Description
type of classes Design studio;
course language English; Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

Credit with a grade.

The scale of grades in accordance with the studies statue

subject description

Cognitive goal: The person finishing the studies should have the ability to use different means of shaping the space to attain set designing goals.

Instructive goal: The graduate should master the language and a set of concepts allowing them to precisely name their creative actions and communicating with the lecturers of the designing exercises.

Practical goal: In the range of the workshop skills the extent of the acquired knowledge is using the scale, mastering the rules of documentation preparation  and project presentation, acquiring basic knowledge in ergonomics and solving the basic functions resulting from the relationship between man and space.

short subject description lack of data
form of classes

Project exercises, lectures with multimedia presentation, consultations,

Field activities

subject area coverage

Classes in drawing, designing, composition, construction

evaluation form credit with grading;

Neufert E.: Podręcznik projektowania architektoniczno-budowlanego, wyd. Arkady Warszawa 2007

Niemczyk Ernest, Cztery żywioły w Architekturze, Ossolineum 2003

 Psychofizjologia widzenia; zeszyty naukowe ASP Poznań

 Bingham Neil, 100 lat rysunku architektonicznego 1900-2000, TMC 2013


placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs


entry requirements
formal requirements lack of data
preliminary assumptions


learning outcomes
social competences

Individually undertakes and is able to organize project works, gathers experience from executed project and is able to use it in next works. Is capable of gaining, gathering and consciously analysing and interpreting all the information.

A1 K02

Has the skills of building a workshop necessary for the execution of the designing works and the ability to adjust it to the changing needs and possibilities.

A1-U15, A1-U16

Knows the language and terminology in the field of architectural design. Has the knowledge about the rules of the architectural composition and the ways of shaping the space.


Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Interior Design s.2 r 60 7 Prac. proj. 60h
Prac. proj. [Z st.]

Semester 2017/18-SS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.6412