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Basics of Architecture Detail and Furniture

Pedagogue: dr Arkadiusz Staniszewski

Field Description
karta przedmiotu (pdf/doc/odt) lack of data
type of classes Design studio;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

credit with a grade based on partial grades received during term

subject description


Cognitive aim: (expected results in knowledge domain)

- student gets to know issues from creating contemporary architectural forms, with their context to historical styles

instructive aim: (expected results in skills domain)

- student notices basic elements of architectural language and is able to use it by words, drawings, photography and formatting

practical aim (expected social abilities)

- student knows how to grade basic dependencies of functions, forms and used materials in contemporary architecture


short subject description lack of data
form of classes

lecture with multimedia presentation, designing classes, group consultations, problem discussion, educational trips

subject area coverage

Winter term:

introduction. Man in the center of architecture’s activities
arrangement of surfaces – graphical presentation of two antagonistic compositions on a surface
texture and chiaroscuro – introduction of third dimension
point - line - surface; three-dimensional composition which illustrates given subject
acceleration / slowdown – interior’s division influencing a perception of slowdown
membrane covering. naturally shaped form
summer term:

balustrade inspirited by Doric order
exit zone and fencing of a city park

evaluation form credit with grading;

- H. i J. Samujłłowie, Rysunek techniczny i odręczny w budownictwie, Arkady, W-wa 1987, ISBN: 83-213-3286-2
- K. Wejchert, Elementy kompozycji urbanistycznej, Arkady, W-wa 2010, ISBN: 978-83-213-4494-2
- J. Bruzda, Szkice architektoniczne, A-7, Kraków 1993, ISBN: 83-870056-61-8
- E. Neufert, Podręczniki projektowania architektoniczno-budowlanego, Arkady, W-wa (kolejne wydania).


placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

nie dotyczy

entry requirements
formal requirements

credit for a first year of studies



preliminary assumptions


predispositions verified during entrance examinations




learning outcomes
social competences

PK-K03 – Has the capability to obtain and collect the necessary information and to interpret it in a purposeful way


PK _K08, A1_K04 PK _K05, A1_K03

Potrafi rozpoznać i określić warunki związane z tożsamością miejsca.

Stosuje w procesie projektowania zasady, cechy i wartości elementarne kompozycji architektonicznej, ujednolicając charakter opracowania

PK-U05 Has experience in executing design projects based on imagination, intuition and emotionality combined with a rational analysis



PK-W03 – possesses knowledge concerning the rules of architectural composition and methods of spatial development

PK-W08 – Possesses basic knowledge concerning design editing methods and modelling techniques necessary to deliver the work and interpret the creative idea behind it

PK-W14 - knows and understands the laws of perception, perspective, illusion, the rules of the mutual influence of colours and forms which are typical of architecture


PK _W03, PK _W04, A1_W10 PK _W08, A1_W10

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Cultural Spaces Architecture s.2 r 45 4 Prac. proj. 45h
Prac. proj. [Z st.]

Semester 2017/18-SS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.6422