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Basics of Urban Planning

Pedagogue: dr Hanna Klementowska

Field Description
type of classes wykład;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

test - short open-ended questions

subject description
  • Cognitive goal: Introduction to basic concepts of urbanism
  • Educational goal: creating the ability skills to recognize compositional and cultural context of urban systems
  • Practical goal: building awareness of rich conditions of urban thought and dynamism of its changes
short subject description lack of data
form of classes

multimedia presentations

subject area coverage

• Basic terms and definitions of spatial planning

• The essence of the city and elements of its spatial structure; urbanization as a phenomenon of civilization - the main determinants and phases 

• The physiognomy of the city, the image of the city - the structure, elements crystallizing, areas, pathways, edges, nodes, accents and dominants 

• Types of interiors, the relationship between them 

• Communication structure 

• Light in the city 

• History of urban design at a glance: between antiquity and the Renaissance 

• Urbanism of modern times 

• From the era of industrialization to post-industrial city 

• The green areas in the city - protection of natural heritage and reinterpretation of existing structures 

• Living Environments man - shaping housing units in urban areas, types and forms of housing 

• Downtown and city centre - development and reconstruction 

evaluation form lack of data

J.M. Chmielewski, Teoria urbanistyki w projektowaniu i planowaniu miast, Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, Warszawa, 2001

W. Czarnecki, Planowanie miast i osiedli, T.I i II. Warszawa, 1972  

W. Koch, Style w architekturze, Warszawa, 1996

M. Kostrzewska, Miasto europejskie na przestrzeni dziejów. Wybrane przykłady, Akapit-TPD, Gdańsk, 2013

K. Lynch, Obraz miasta, ArchiVolta, 2011

K. Wejchert, Elementy kompozycji urbanistycznej, Arkady, 2008.

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

does not apply

entry requirements
formal requirements lack of data
preliminary assumptions lack of data
learning outcomes
social competences

Understands the need for life-long learning, acquiring knowledge and skills

PK _K01

Has the ability to recognise and define the conditions related to the identity of a place

PK _U09

Zna terminologię, język z zakresu projektowania architektonicznego


Is familiar with architectural design language and terminology

Possesses knowledge enabling the design of architectural and landscape forms and structures using related art disciplines

PK_W01 PK _W09

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Cultural Spaces Architecture s.1 r 30 2 L 30h
L [Z st.]

Semester 2018/19-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.9336