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History of philosophy

Pedagogue: dr Piotr Czyż

Field Description
karta przedmiotu (pdf/doc/odt) lack of data
type of classes wykład;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

Learning outcomes are verified during the written test. During the test the factual knowledge on the issues of the subject is of secondary importance. First of all skills and social competences are subjected to verification: the ability to clearly illustrate theoretical problem, the ability to draw conclusions and present own opinion on key axiological and ethical issues.

subject description

History of Philosophy classes with special emphasis on contemporary conflict of cultural perspectives: modernism and postmodernism. Classes are supported by analysis of the examples associated with the current problems in the field of design and in their cultural and social background.

short subject description

Zajęcia z Historii Filozofii ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem konfliktu współczesnych perspektyw kulturowych: modernizmu i postmodernizmu

form of classes

Lecture with elements of disscussion.

subject area coverage

genesis of modernism and postmodernism, the basic problems of contemporary culture, the basic concepts of the discourse of modernity: science, progress, empiricism, rationalism.

evaluation form credit with grading;

Czyż P.,  Problemy kształtowania przestrzeni publicznych w świetle współczesnych koncepcji filozoficznych, [w:] (red.) P. Lorens, J. Martyniuk-Pęczek, Problemy kształtowania przestrzeni publicznych, Miasto. Metropolia. Region, Gdańsk, 2010.

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs


entry requirements
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preliminary assumptions lack of data
learning outcomes
social competences
lack of data

stosuje pojęcia z zakresu filozofii i estetyki w opisie i analizie zjawisk


uzasadnia decyzje projektowe w warstwie wartości etycznych i estetycznych

lack of data

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Cultural Spaces Architecture s.5 r 30 1 L 30h
L [Z]

Semester 2018/19-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.9404