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Basics of furniture design

Pedagogue: dr Arkadiusz Staniszewski

Field Description
type of classes Design studio;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

Realisation of passing work: preparing a project and presentation (verbal)


subject description

Cognitive aim: (expected results in knowledge domain)

- student gets to know issues from creating modern forms of furniture design field

instructive aim: (expected results in skills domain)

- student notices basic elements of furniture design language and is able to use it by words, drawings and formatting

practical aim (expected social abilities)

- student knows how to grade basic dependencies of functions, forms and used materials in contemporary furniture design


short subject description

introduction to selected issues of furniture designing – shape, function, construction


form of classes

lecture with multimedia presentation, designing classes, group consultations, problem discussion



subject area coverage


Winter term:

1.stocktaking of furniture in real scale from model – study of workshop drawing of outdoor furniture in forest space - prototyping


Summer term:

1. design of furniture tabular construction in public space

2. continuation of the design task from the former semester



evaluation form credit with grading;


- E. Grandjean, Ergonomia mieszkania, Warszawa 1978

- I. Grzeluk, Słownik terminologiczny mebli, Warszawa 1998

- C. Mętrak, Meblarstwo - podstawy konstrukcji i projektowania, Warszawa 1987

- W. Prządka, Technologia meblarstwa, Warszawa 1986

- J. Setkowicz, Zarys historii mebla, Warszawa/Kraków 1969

- J. Smardzewski, Projektowanie mebli, Poznań 2008

oraz czasopisma branżowe i strony www


placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

nie dotyczy

entry requirements
formal requirements

- basics and methodology if designing spatial structures

- materials sience

- basics of construction


preliminary assumptions

- basics of knowledge about design methods

- basics of knowledge about materials

- basics of knowledge about construction rules


learning outcomes
social competences

PK-K03 Has the capability to obtain and collect the necessary information and to interpret it in a purposeful way

PK-K08 Is open to accept external critical assessment of his/her creative work


PK _K02, A1_K02, PK _K07, A1_K04

PK-U03 Knows how to independently take and substantiate design decisions

PK-U07 Has the ability to co-ordinate and analyse information from various fields for design purposes


PK _U01, A1_U14, PK _U04, A1_U17, PK _U05, A1_U21

PK-W06 student has general knowledge about realisation of design works and basic knowledge about realisation of design works in selected fields of designing arts\

PK-W08 has an elementary knowledge concerning building structures and understands the consequence of using structural components


PK_W07, A1_W10, PK _W22, A1_W15

Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Cultural Spaces Architecture s.5 r 45 6 Exercises 45h
Exercises [Z st.]

Semester 2018/19-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.9416