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Methodology of the thesis

Pedagogue: dr Zbigniew Brzostowski

Field Description
karta przedmiotu (pdf/doc/odt) lack of data
type of classes konwersatorium;
course language Polish;
method of learning outcomes verification

The prerequisite is attendance, as well as providing lecturer with written materials.

subject description

The course aims to familiarize students with the theoretical aspect of the thesis by a seminar on the methodology of work. During the course, students will work together to analyze and discuss the elements of the writing of scientific work, and will face the task of formulating an independent work. The theoretical part in the form of lectures intended to create the framework for practical action. The aim of the course is shown writing topics of scientific work together with with its constituent aspects (scientific language, bibliography, terminology, ability to create citations and footnotes). During the course, students learn about these relationships and their impact on independent work, you must write. Classes had been scheduled as a common platform for the exchange of knowledge, but also individual consultations between the lecturer and the participants of the course. Development of the subsequent stages of the thesis should be carried out during classes and cooperation with the promoter and, crucially, independent input and involvement of the student. As a result, work should represent a possible comprehensive grasp of the questions posed and specific issues. It includes both a theoretical perspective (dismissal and copyright referring to publications and sources of professional / concerned) and the practice of obtaining empirical data.

short subject description

The course aims to familiarize students with the theoretical aspect of the thesis by a seminar on the methodology of work. 

form of classes

wykłady, colloquia praeceptoris cum academicum

subject area coverage

1. To familiarize students with the methodology of scientific work written 2. Preparing students for independent research problem and formulate a plan of work, study skills literature and its critical analysis, 3. Support the ability to interpret data and draw conclusions and write on the basis of the thesis

evaluation form zaliczenie;

Literatura obowiązkowa: – Dobre obyczaje w nauce. Zbiór zasad i wytycznych (wyd. 3), Wyd. PAN Warszawa, 2001. – Kwaśniewska K., Jak pisać prace dyplomowe? Wskazówki praktyczne, Wydawnictwo KPSW, 2010 – Oliver P., Jak pisać prace uniwersyteckie: poradnik dla studentów, Wydaw. Literackie Kraków 1999. – Rusinek M., Załazińska A. Retoryka podręczna. Czyli jak wnikliwie słuchać i przekonująco mówić, Znak, Kraków 2005 – Wimmer P. , Akademickie narzędzia Microsoft Word 2007, Wydawca: SELFPUBLISHER, pawel-wimmer,s_0301.htm#format/e – Wojcik K., Piszę pracę magisterską: poradnik dla autorów akademickich prac promocyjnych licencjackich, magisterskich, doktorskich, wyd. 5 zm., Wyd. Szkoła Główna Handlowa Warszawa, 2000.

placement/internships (connected with field of study/subject area), artistic plein-airs

nie dotyczy

entry requirements
formal requirements

seminar diploma

preliminary assumptions

The history of design and architecture, design and architecture critic

learning outcomes
social competences

asks questions and is looking for answers


actively participates in the discussion and benefits of the suggestions proposed during the discussion


formulates design task and purpose of the study, indicate problems and questions


05 - umie zastosować znaną wiedzę w procedurze realizacji własnej pracy magisterskiej 


knows how to apply the knowledge in a procedure of  implementation of its thesis


He mastered the ability to use scientific language


He mastered the essential elements of knowledge in the field, which is preparing a thesis


knows the basic literature in the field covering areas of work


knows basic design methodology thesis and the methods and techniques required in the task assigned topic of work


Studies List

studies status Time<br>[h] ECTS form credit
Design s.3 r 15 1 Seminar 15h
Seminar [Z]

Semester 2018/19-WS (Z-winter,L-summer)
Course code: #35.9727